Reviews Captain Fred’s Airboat Nature Tours Disrupts Peaceful Residential Community

Reviews Captain Fred’s Airboat Nature Tours Disrupts Peaceful Residential Community. The hundreds of residents and wildlife inhabitants around our once peaceful lake environment are devastated by the intrusive noise emanating from a commercial airboat tour called Captain Fred’s Airboat Nature Tours in Lake Hamilton, Florida. Not only does this tour travel the same route on a relatively small lake (other commercial airboats tours tend to be on much larger, rural lakes), the shoreline views are 80% residential. Most of us view our homes as a private sanctuary for relaxation and enjoyment. Since the recent advent of Captain Fred’s Airboat Nature Tours our lakeside community has had to endure a barrage of noise that can emanate through our homes from 8 am to 6 pm on daily basis. It is impossible to escape. None of us can imagine how a business owner would continue to invade a peaceful community and so greatly infringe upon the rights of others; even after being confronted with a signed petition of 380 lake residents, as well as an impending lawsuit. This commercial airboat tour has moved from numerous spots to land here. This type of business is well suited for a rural location that does not subject residents to its relentless noise. In addition, this tour has scared away local fisherman, and migrating and nesting birds. This association and its members are not against commercial or private airboat activities, but we are against any individual or business that does not act like a good steward of the environment, and respect the rights of the surrounding community.

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